Under the BIGTREEON7TH we chat with the makers, performers and artists following their passion and creating their own work.

The name, BIGTREEON7TH was inspired by the legendary Tree of Hope. A big tree that grew on 7th Avenue in Harlem, New York, which was known in the 20’s as the ‘Boulevard of Dreams’. Back then, dancers would get together and jam in the shade of the big tree. Word got out about what was happening there. Producers and agents would visit, deals would be made and people would get work, all under the big tree on 7th. And so, it became known as ‘The Dream Tree’ and was said to bring luck to performers who touched it.

BIGTREEON7TH is the love child of Actor and Digital Marketer, Tania Knight.

"Constantly energised and inspired by the relationships and experiences I have enjoyed as a performing artist within Melbourne’s vibrant arts community, I can’t imaging a world without art. I want to share the love, and the stories of dreamers who make it" (art).  Tania

With contributions from Writer, Actor, Producer, Clare Pickering.

"Telling stories creates a world of compassion, tolerance, understanding and the realisation that underneath the surface, we are all the same. I love stories. I love hearing them. I love creating them. I love sharing them. I am constantly inspired by those creatives who dare to be brave and tell their stories. It is my honour to share them with you.”